Article / 04 July 2023

ASWF Summer learning program | speaker series - Career Journey Panel

28 June 2023 | Link


Where Realtime Technology Revolutionizes Visual Storytelling

11.29.2022 7:00 am to 10:00 pm PST | Montreal | Hosted at MELS, By AMD, Nvidia, Foundry and MELS | Link

SIGGRAPH 2022 - An Intro to DNEG Animation: A Technical Perspective

Event Type: Exhibitor Function | Time: Wednesday, 10 August 2022 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT | Location: West Building, Room 302 | Link

"Join DNEG Animation’s VP of Animation Technology, Markus Kurtz and others as they share the history of the studio and get into the basics of the technology used in Ron’s Gone Wrong and the upcoming projects Entergalactic, Nimona and Garfield."

SIGGRAPH 2022 - Women in the Creative and Technology space

Event Type: Exhibitor Function | Time: Tuesday, 9 August 2022 3pm - 4pm PDT | Location: West Building, Room 302 | Link

"Learn life lessons from women thriving in the creative and technology space. The panel will share authentic stories, and provide tips and resources on how to create an environment that supports and elevates women and underrepresented communities."

Café Conference - Meet DNEG Animation

June 7 2022 // 4:00 PM EST | Montreal | Café Conference | Link

"Join DNEG Animation’s Pipeline Supervisor, Marieke Van Neutigem, and Animation Director, Chris Kirshbaum, as they give a brief introduction to the animation studio behind Ron’s Gone Wrong, Oscar® qualifying short Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat, and the much anticipated upcoming movies Under the Boardwalk, Nimona and Garfield. They will outline what it’s like to be part of a startup animation studio within an established award-winning visual effects company, how they stay focused on the art and craft of animation while paying attention to where it’s going, and how they use groundbreaking technology to help them get there."

The Rookies Career Advice - Working as a Pipeline TD at DNEG with Marieke van Neutigem


"Want a successful career working as a Pipeline TD for high profile visual effects and animated feature films? Pipeline TD Marieke van Neutigem sits down with us to share her journey to Montreal DNEG, and provides some invaluable advice to other artists looking for an equally exciting and challenging career."